Recommended Events Data Layer

These events let you measure additional features and behavior and generate more useful reports in GA4. Because these events require additional context to be meaningful, they are not sent automatically.

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Google recommends the following range of events to use in the data layer.

searchLog this event to indicate when the user has performed a search. You can use this event to identify what users are searching for on your website or app. For example, you could send this event when a user views a search results page after performing a search.
select_contentThis event signifies that a user has selected some content of a certain type. This event can help you identify popular content and categories of content on your website or app.
select_promotionThis event signifies a promotion was selected from a list.
view_promotionThis event signifies a promotion was viewed from a list.
generate_leadThe generate_lead event measures when a lead has been generated, through a form or other lead generation feature.
shareUse this event when a user has shared content.
sign_upThis event indicates that a user has signed up for an account. Use this event to understand the different behaviors of logged-in and logged-out users.
loginSend this event to signify that a user has logged in to your website or app.
join_groupLog this event when a user joins a group such as a guild, team, or family. Use this event to analyze how popular certain groups or social features are.

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Recommended Events Data Layer