Select Promotion

GA4 data layer event that signifies a promotion was selected from a list.

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Example dataLayer push for “select_promotion“.

window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
 event: "select_promotion",
  creative_name: "Summer Banner",
  creative_slot: "featured_app_1",
  promotion_id: "P_12345",
  promotion_name: "Summer Sale",
  items: [
      item_id: "SKU_12345",
      item_name: "Stan and Friends Tee",
      affiliation: "Google Merchandise Store",
      coupon: "SUMMER_FUN",
      creative_name: "summer_banner2",
      creative_slot: "featured_app_1",
      discount: 2.22,
      index: 0,
      item_brand: "Google",
      item_category: "Apparel",
      item_category2: "Adult",
      item_category3: "Shirts",
      item_category4: "Crew",
      item_category5: "Short sleeve",
      item_list_id: "related_products",
      item_list_name: "Related Products",
      item_variant: "green",
      location_id: "ChIJIQBpAG2ahYAR_6128GcTUEo",
      price: 9.99,
      promotion_id: "P_12345",
      promotion_name: "Summer Sale",
      quantity: 1

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