Google Tools Setup

We integrate and set up Google Tools. We use these to help maintain your websites Technical performance.

Google Tools Integration

We integrate and explain Google Tools. We use these to help maintain and improve Technical SEO, and SEO performance.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Peter Drucker.

This is where the suite of Google Tools becomes useful. They are as much a channel for understanding your business needs and those of its customers, as they are a tool for performing marketing analysis and technical SEO improvements. If you can’t measure how your website is performing and the intentions of your potential customers then you are at a disadvantage to your competitors.

Incorrectly integrated measurement tools can also give a false impression of the relative success or failure of a website. It is important to ensure it is done correctly.

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google tag manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows certain events or user actions on your website to be registered and recorded. The reaction to these events once specified are called “Triggers”. The information “Tag” is sent by Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics where it is recorded as a “Goal Conversion” if this has been correctly configured.

The type of event that would usually be measured and tagged by Google Tag Manager include contact form submissions, telephone number clicks, email clicks, and any other action that would be considered a sales lead, or a user action of interest.

google analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that measures various channels of user interaction with your website. It exists to collect user metrics and display graphical reports of the results.

Like any statistical reporting platform, the information you get out is only as good as the quality of the data you collect. Insights obtained and therefore actions taken from the information rely on the accuracy of the integration setup and conversions measured through Google Tag Manager. The information recorded is related to relevant “Goals” that are set up in Google Analytics.

google tag manager

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a platform that facilitates pulling information directly from your Google Analytics account and creating bespoke reports.

Once reports are designed and built they can provide an ongoing source of data driven information to inform stakeholders. It is important to understand the needs of the business and what information will be relevant when designing the forms. The advantage of Data Studio is in its ability to pick out specifically relevant information to give an uncomplicated overview. This is in contrast to the standard Google Analytics dashboard which is packed with data and can be confusing as a management tool.

google search console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is concerned with monitoring and improving how your website performs within the criteria that influence its ranking or position within the Google Search Pages.

Google Search Console monitors and advises the Technical SEO aspects of your website and how these can be improved. Usually, these improvements will require a web developer to carry out the tasks. We are able to do that for you or else we can advise your own web development team of the requirements and support them in carrying out the improvements.

Google Merchant Center

Merchant Center is a tool to help you manage how your online product inventory appears on Google.

New sale item products added to your website need to be added to Google Merchant Center which can be a long and tiresome task if there are many changes to your offerings and a high churn of products. The key is to automate the process by setting up a feed from your website to Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center then monitors many aspects of your product listings including pricing, description, and product images. Google Merchant Center will alert you if any of your products are “disapproved” and assist the resolution process.

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