Set Up View Cart Tag

How to set up the tag and trigger for the view item list enhanced ecommerce event. Download the view cart tag and trigger, or download all the enhanced ecommerce tags and triggers.

Step one is to create the tag.

Add the Measurement ID to the tag.

You can add your Measurement ID directly to the tag however, the best practice is to create a Constant Variable.

The Measurement ID can be found in the admin section of the GA4 platform.

Enter the Event Name as view-cart.

In the More Settings section select the “Send Ecommerce data” check box.

Then select the Data Layer as the Data Source.

Event Parameters and User Properties can be used to include extra data in the tag.

Step two is to create the trigger.

Click the trigger area in order to view the available trigger types and to create the trigger for the tag.

Select the Custom Event trigger type.

Enter the Event Name as view-cart.

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