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Why are backlinks important

Google measures the importance of your website by the number of other websites that “backlink” to your website. They assess the quality of those linking websites and attribute a score that is used to rank the importance of your website in comparison with its competitors in the search rankings. There are various metrics used to measure this but the most relevant is “Domain Authority”.

If the quality of the websites that backlink to your website is assessed to have good Domain Authority, then the effect is to raise the estimation of your website and to improve its ranking position on the Google search results moving it up the page.

How to fix toxic backlinks

If those websites that backlink to yours are assessed to have poor Domain Authority or are considered toxic then the result is the exact opposite. This means the estimation of your website is lowered and it will be moved to a lower position within the search results. In some cases where the number of toxic backlinks is very high, your website can be excluded ( blacklisted ) altogether from the search results. This is a difficult situation to improve as you need to identify and disavow toxic backlinks and then appeal to Google for a reassessment.

Backlink Management Service

As part of the Backlink Management services we identify these toxic backlinks and disavow them for you, thereby cleaning up the way your website is viewed by Google. We then outreach to a network of high quality websites with related content and engage them to add positive backlinks to your website improving the overall domain authority and helping it to appear higher in the search results.

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