How To Import Tags And Triggers

How to import tags and triggers by importing containers that are available on this website.

Step one head to the admin section.

To begin importing the tags and triggers you need to head to the “Admin” section and select the “Import Container” option.

Step two select the file to import into a workspace.

The Import Container option allows you to select the container file which will always be a .json file.

You have the option to create a new workspace in which to import the container or to append it to an existing workspace.

Step three overwrite or merge.

The two available import options are “overwrite” or “merge”. Overwrite will replace all the contents of the container. Whereas merge will append the new elements to the container, and allow the option to overwrite any with the same name.

Step four preview and confirm the import.

Before selecting confirm to complete the process you should review the Tags, Triggers, Variables, and Templates overview section. This allows you to check that the additions are as expected.


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