Website Design & Build

We create new websites and we improve existing websites.

Website Design

We create website designs using Adobe XD. This means that we are able to share designs directly with stakeholders, and can produce design prototypes. Design prototypes are digital designs of the website or application that works in a dynamic way. The design view contains working buttons and links that take the user to the design of the page relevant to the link or button that has been clicked.

What this means for the customer is that they don’t have to guess what the website will look and feel like, they can interact with the design and understand the UX or user experience at the point of signing off the project.

Website Build

We build WordPress websites from prototype designs so that you can be sure that what we build is what was agreed at the start of the project. We don’t use 3rd party page builders, choosing instead to use the native Gutenberg page builder. This vastly improves the overall performance of the website, when compared to using page builder software such as “Elementor” or “Divi”.

We build websites on very fast and efficient modern WordPress specific servers. This includes the use of a staging site for development meaning that stakeholders can view the new website at project milestones. After launch, the staging site can be used to update and improve the website avoiding the need to make changes directly to the live website.

The WordPress specific hosting we use and recommend is

Improve Existing Website

We can improve and optimise existing WordPress websites. There are many ways this can be done and the requirements of any particular project are various and usually distinct to the individual website.

ordinarily, improvements fall into certain distinct areas and in many cases require all of these:

  • Migration to a better faster hosting platform.
  • Refresh of design to update an older or drab website.
  • Optimisation of a website for loading speed and time to first byte (TTFB).
  • Updating websites that have not been maintained and may now be displaying errors.