A non-standard data layer event that records a purchase of one or more items.

Example dataLayer push for “purchaseConfirmation“.

window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
 event: "purchaseConfirmation",
   countryId: "GB",  
     ecommerce: {
       currencyCode: "GBP",
         detail: {
           actionField: {
             action: "test_action",
             list: "test_list",
               products: { 
                 brand: "test_brand",
                 category: "test_category",
                 dimension7: "test_dimension_7",
                 dimension8: "test_dimension_8",
                 dimension9: "test_dimension_9",
                 dimension10: "test_dimension_10",
                 id: "test_id0123456789",
                 name: "test_product_name",
                 price: 100,
                 variant: "test_varient",
                 variantID: "test_varient_id",

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