Huckleberry Studio Install Yoast SEO Software on all WordPress Websites


Yoast is the market leader for WordPress Website SEO and it is by far the most effective tool of this type. The basic installation of Yoast SEO is perfect for most applications, and there are paid upgrades to extra functionality if they are required. Huckleberry Studio install Yoast as standard and we are happy to show you how to use it.

Yoast Video SEO Software

Yoast Video SEO is a paid for upgrade to the standard Yoast software. If your site hosts videos and you want to make best use of this media, then we can install and configure this for you.


Google Analytics SEO Software


We can configure Google Analytics for you to make sure user data is recorded for your site.

Google Data Studio SEO Software

Then we install Google Data Studio to ensure that the data creates informative reports that can be read and understood, so that they are actually useful.


Google My Business


Next we can set up Google My Business to highlight your site in your locality.

Google Tag Manager SEO Software

Finally setting up Google Tag Manager we ensure that the Data flowing into your reports is accurate and insightful.


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