Improving Your Website

Improving Your Website

Whether you have a WordPress Website that you set up yourself or a website made by an agency, we can help you to get it back on track by Improving Your Website.


We start with an analysis of your existing website looking at the site structure and flow to ensure that the user experience (UI) makes logical sense. We provide you with a simple plain english report to highlight where changes are required.

We then make a wireframe design of the required changes so that you can see on paper how any changes will look. If your site requires a complete design improvement we would start by creating a mini brand book as a set of design guidelines documenting things like the Font Style, Logo Design, and the Colour Scheme to be used in your new and improved website.

We can update or modernise your branding if that is required, or alternatively we can create a whole new look for your business and website including printed documents header and business card design.

When improving your WordPress website we can build in any new attributes you require such as booking systems, e-commerce, social media feeds. Just ask and will can plan it in to your project.

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