Building New Websites

Building New Websites

When Building New Websites we work in stages. First we talk to you about what you want the new website to do. What Is Its Function? Then we look at what you would like it to look and feel like.

From here we create a Wireframe or initial design for us to discuss and agree the finished look of the new website. This includes a Mini Brand Book as a set of design guidelines documenting things like the Font Style, Logo Design, and the Colour Scheme to be used in the new website.

We build new websites using software that Empowers You to change and create content, as well as make site design alterations yourself. Therefore Lowering Your Ongoing Website Costs, and making the content adding and adjusting process quick and simple. It goes with out saying that we are always available to help if required.

When we have finished and published your new website, we are on hand to show you how to change and update your website. We Always Stay Available to you If You Need Support and further development.

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